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Rudy Project was founded in Treviso in 1985, immediately gaining a prominent position and establishing itself as one of the leading companies in Europe in the sporting and optical sector.

o značce



The basis for this success lies in its intensive distribution network, its continued investment in targeted communication strategies and especially in its mission to concentrate on excellent product quality and on a constant search for new materials and technologies to apply to lenses and frames.

For more than twenty years, Rudy Project has been designing and producing technical sunglasses, goggles and accessories for sports.

Conceived initially for athletes, Rudy Project glasses rapidly became widespread amongst a vaster clientele, thanks to the combination of aesthetic features and the exceptional visual comfort and protection that they offer.

All the products are distinguished by the care given to detail, both in the frames and design as well as in the lenses and materials used.

Established in Treviso, where the heart of the company is still situated together with its research and development laboratory, design office, logistics centre and marketing division, Rudy Project was immediately projected onto the international scenario. Its position was consolidated through the opening of an office in the United States and the establishment of an intensive sales network spread throughout the world.

As far as its distribution is concerned, the company is present to date in more than 50 countries worldwide with a large number of single-brand sales outlets, highly popular particularly in South-East Asia.

Distribution is backed by targeted communication activities, concentrated especially in sponsorships within the sports world. More than ten thousand athletes world over in the most varied of disciplines are backed by Rudy Project; these include cycling, in which the Venetian company has always been the acknowledged leader, as well as golf, sailing, skating, snowboard, triathlon, cross-country skiing, racing and canoeing.

Founded by the guru Rudy Barbazza and, today, managed by his sons Cristiano who is the Managing Director, and Simone, who is in charge of Marketing and Communication, the company is one of the last eyewear brands to remain totally independent, free and faithful to their original mission: that of creating technical glasses with attention to the smallest of details and subjected to the most meticulous quality control, which succeed in fulfilling the requirements of the most demanding users.